Careers at IPS

Working at IPS you will join a team of talented, ambitious and collaborative software developers, application experts and engineers working in an agile fast-paced environment where every colleague makes a difference. The software platform is developed in modern C++ and CUDA using dockerized CI workflows that allow for productive developers and high quality code. We’d love to hear from you no matter your experience level – the most important thing is that you got will, grit and skill.

Who we are
Industrial Path Solutions AB (IPS AB) is a fast-growing and profitable spin-off from the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics. We develop a software suite based on innovative mathematical algorithms for virtual product realization. More than 100 global leading manufacturing companies use IPS for tasks ranging from assembly feasibility, flexible components design, robot optimization, and simulation of complex flow and surface treatment processes.
What we do
Our goal is to empower our users with simulation software that enables workflows previously not possible with a transformative impact on how products are being designed and manufactured. Find all our software modules at the Software tab. Pursuing this goal, we often end up using some of the latest technology in our software stack. Examples include
GPU computing-icon

GPU computing

The incredible computational capacity of the GPU is used in IPS to enable algorithms and problem sizes otherwise not possible. Here an impressive particle simulation of vibratory screening of rocks.

Point cloud tools-icon

Point cloud tools

Point clouds are frequently used as the source of truth when making changes in factories. Our algorithms work equally well with point clouds as CAD-geometries. We also have a module to stream huge point clouds directly from the hard drive.

Ray tracing-based rendering-icon

Ray tracing-based rendering

To render scenes using ray tracing is the latest trend in computer graphics. As developers of a 3D software we are naturally exploring ways to incorporate the technology in our in-house graphics engine.

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