The immersed boundary octree flow solver IBOFlow® requires a minimum of preprocessing and the very efficient implementation offers unique possibilities to simulate complex industrial multiphase and multiphysics applications.


  • Automatic adaptive octree mesh
  • Unique immersed boundary methods
  • Novel Volume of Fluids module for multiphase flow
  • Turbulence models
  • Particle and sprays module
  • Fluid-structure interaction simulation
  • Fluid-electromagnetics coupling
  • Fluid-heat transfer coupling


  • Power (Greatly simplified preprocessing, multiphysics simulations in one platform)
  • Speed (Moving geometries handled very efficiently, fast simulation using GPU acceleration)
  • Easy-to-use (user-friendly GUI)

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Video Gallery

CFD-simulation on scanned point cloud

Simulation of E-coating

FSI Simulation of Paper Forming and Pressing

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